Hugh’s Place Transitional Housing

Temporarily Closed 

Posted 11-13-17

Hugh’s Place is a Peer-Operated Transitional Housing Program for Adult Individuals with Mental Health and Temporary Housing needs.

Located on the third floor of our 13 Orange Street facility in Manchester, Hugh’s Place offers short-term shelter to individuals who are in the process of re-entering the community after having received inpatient or residential services for mental wellness challenges.  Services to our residents include the development of individualized Wellness Plans, along with regular access to all programs offered by the Peer Support Center located on the first floor.  Additional services include assistance with obtaining benefits, referrals to community based services and finding permanent housing.

To qualify for placement at Hugh’s Place, first and foremost is a willingness to make a commitment toward your own wellness.  The first stated value of our agency is a “Commitment to Recovery.”  We believe in the concept of empowering you to move forward in your wellness, independence, and healthy and better living.  Other qualifications for admission include:

  • You must have been diagnosed with a mental illness by a medical professional
  • You must keep regular appointments with a mental health professional
  • You must be sufficiently independent to manage your own medications and appointments
  • You must be able to live harmoniously in a community with a shared common-living space (such as the kitchen, bathrooms and other common areas)
  • You must have a source of income for rent, food, medications and toiletries
  • You must be ready to assume responsibility for your wellness and your behavior

Participation in this program is limited to 120 days per stay.



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