Derry Center Groups

Groups Held at the Derry Peer Support Center


ADVOCACY: Learn about what’s happening in the world of the disabled from the points of view of all stakeholders: Consumers and family members, providers of mental health services, etc. Make your voice heard by expressing your opinions in the group. The feedback you give will find its way to decision-makers in Concord as we at On the Road to Recovery continue to improve at advocating for the health and independence of our members.

ANGER MANAGEMENT:  Anger management is information designed to learn to manage anger, develop self-control over thoughts and actions, receive support and feedback from others.

A STRONGER YOU:  A group that combines the power of Self-Esteem and Being Assertive.  We’ll be talking about ways to improve ourselves to better cope with everyday “bumps in the road.”

BOOKWORM GROUP: During this group we listen to an audio book together. We are open to any suggestions on books that you would like to “read.”

COMPUTER 101: The computers are finally up and running! Learn the basics so you can research a job ad, find a doctor, and keep up with the busy world all around us. Let a staff member know you are interested because seating is limited. Don’t let the “Technology Age” pass you by!

CONVERSATIONS OF HOPE: What a way to keep everyone motivated with Peer Support! A healthy discussion between peers can help you learn how to cope with day-to-day life through expressing our feelings and thoughts. This is an open discussion group to talk, listen, share and support each other!

CREATIVE ARTS: Come join us as we draw, paint and create things using various mediums.

CREATIVE WRITING:  Whether you’re a complete novice, or a seasoned professional who’s already written an epic novel that’s ready for publishing, this is the place to meet like-minded people. We share ideas and information. Those who want to, bring some of their work to the group for feedback and constructive criticism (shouting ‘rubbish’ and the throwing of rotten fruit is strictly prohibited 🙂

HEALTHY LIVING:  Being healthy leads to feeling healthy…this group will focus on keeping the body healthy with topics on nutrition, exercising, personal hygiene and all that goes with keeping the body healthy…because when the body is healthy then so is the mind.

KINDNESS & GRATITUDE:    Gratitude is one of the keys to having a successful and fulfilling life.  It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates vision for tomorrow.

LAUGHING GROUP:  There are many benefits of laughter.  Come join in a fun group of using laughter to enhance our lives physically, mentally and socially.

MEN’S GROUP:   A group designed specifically for men.   Topics that are discussed are those that are genuinely male oriented.  Also, it’s a nice setting for support … men-to-men.

MINDFUL MEDITATION: Come appreciate the present moment by being mindful of your thoughts and actions.  Learn to appreciate life and free yourself of worry and fear.

MUSIC APPRECIATION:  Members have an opportunity to share their favorite music with other members, exposing them to a range of music genres and artists. This will widen our musical horizons. We will also arrange outings from time to time to heighten our musical awareness.

PANDORA’S VOICE:  This is a women’s group. Many women like the idea of gathering together to share their stories in an intimate setting of just women.  It gives them a place where they feel safe to share and receive support.

PEER EMPLOYMENT SUPPORT: Support for those thinking about going back to work, actively looking for a job, or already employed. Topics will include: The World of Work, Barriers, Networking, Education, Managing Symptoms While Working, Applications, Resumes, Job Leads, Criminal Records, Employer Expectations, Job Retention Supports and more.

TASKS & VALUES:   A group focused on the core of Intentional Peer Support. We learn about making connections, understanding of other’s world views and being focused on moving forward, just to name a few.

WALKING: This group meets on Thursdays at 1:30 for an hour or so. We’ll walk around the neighborhood or we’ll be traveling to Lake Massabesic or the Audubon Society or the Robert Frost Farm, weather permitting. What a great way to get the exercise we need: surrounded by the beauty of Mother Nature, accompanied by friends, and in a safe setting.

WELLNESS PLANNING:  We ask every member to create a Wellness Plan, a written document that requires you to focus on some aspect or aspects of life you would like to see change and commit to making the change(s) while taking into consideration foreseeable obstacles. Staff will be available to work with members every day at 10:00AM and 3:00PM on their plans. We will do our best to accommodate members who wish to come in at other times to work on their Wellness Plan.

W.R.A.P. (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) Come to WRAP group and create a Wellness Recovery Action Plan, a seven-part plan that you design in order to: Address your unique needs for staying well; Address your needs when you’re feeling less well, from times of mild difficulty, so that you can recover your wellness, to times of crisis, should that happen, so that you can designate someone to make decisions for you until you’re better, among other things.

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