Who We Are and What We Do

On the Road to Wellness (OTRTW) has been providing Peer Support Services to adult individuals for over 25 years.  The agency is committed to its mission as a consumer driven community of peers to educate, advocate, and empower its members to manage and maintain their mental health and wellness.

Over the years, OTRTW has developed into an agency of peers that are not only purposeful about their individual means of wellness, but those same members have produced a community of peers that see themselves as part of the community at large.  For consumers of mental health services to simply blend into the community is one thing.  But to stand out and make a difference in the landscape of their local society, that’s quite another.  Frankly, this is what drives the agency’s interest in providing Peer Support Services … consumers of mental health services initiating growth and change in their perspective neighborhoods.

What makes OTRTW’s members pro-active about their individual and corporate sense of wellness is found at the core of the agency’s Peer Support model … Intentional Peer Support, as developed by Shery Mead and associates.  We understand that not all peer support is the same.  OTRTW’s interests lie only in the model of Intentional Peer Support (IPS) as its foundation for service and growth.  In an interview with Shery Mead, she states, “Anybody does peer support with somebody that they’ve had a similar experience with.  And there’s no particular purpose in that.  People just get together and commiserate.  Lots of peer support isn’t “intentional” so it’s sometimes good and sometimes no-so-good.”  With that understanding, OTRTW is diligent to ensure that all of our programming and activities are purposefully integrated with the model of Intentional Peer Support as its foundation.

OTRTW’s expertise in managing a consumer peer support program is rooted not simply in the “years of being open for business” but in the ongoing quest for its members, guests, families, staff and alike to be aware, trained, and living-out the principles and values of IPS.  Every individual is unique and grasps these things at different rates and levels.  And since the heart of IPS is relationships, and relationships take time, OTRTW has “taken the time” to allow each member to grab hold of the pieces of IPS that are appropriate for them at the time, to make it their own, and subsequently grow and change into the best selves they can be.  And when this takes place successfully on an individual basis, it becomes the basis of the surrounding culture to change as well.

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